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Concert Archive Dubbing Policy

Updated: 4/5/2021

Copies of concerts performed by the faculty and students of UCSD Music Department are available for educational use only by the performers, composers and faculty involved in the event pursuit to all applicable copyright laws.

WHAT WE RECORD: The Music Department records all degree required concerts, most class concerts, faculty concerts and visiting artist’s concerts depending on artist’s permission. In general, “self-supported” events are not recorded by the Music Staff and are not included in the archive without special arrangements. All concert recordings that are available for duplication are listed in our Concert Archive the Music Department intranet.

UCSD LIBRARY SUPPORT: The Library hosts a “UC San Diego Department of Music Concert Archive” as part of their Digital Collections. This contains UCSD Department of Music recordings from 1967-2006 of degree-required concerts, faculty concerts, most class concerts, and other selected events. Access: Restricted to UC San Diego use only. As of 4/5/2021, the collection contains 15801 recordings.

FORMAT and HIGH RESOLUTION ARCHIVING: The events are recorded at 96K/24b. MP3 and WAV file copies can be downloaded via our permissions protected server. Any special needs requests should be mailed to

PROCEDURE: Navigate to the Concert Archive DCD page if you know the specific concert you are interested in or to the Concert Archive Search Form if you do not know the specific concert you are interested in. From the Archive Listing page, click “Request Access” for the event and you will be taken to the Dubbing Request Form with the concert information included. From the Archive Search Form, enter data into one or more search fields in the exact format of the examples (the search engine is not the most intelligent). A listing of all individual compositions will be returned on a new page. Click on “Req Dub” in the box of the item you are interested in. You will be taken to the Dubbing Request form with the concert information included. Complete the form and click “Submit Request” at the bottom of the page.


Refer to the Document Interim Audio_Guidelines-5 (PDF) for the specific requirements and Master’s and Ph.D.-DMA Sample (PDF) for a sample document. All other specific inquiries can be directed to or

    Relevant Concert Archive Web pages:
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  4. Request Form - Submit your request
  5. UC San Diego Department of Music Concert Archive - Library Digital Collections (UCSD only, 192KBit streamed audio for 1967-2019)