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Video Policy

Updated: 4/7/2021

The Department of Music has several options for support of video recording and live streaming. 

Video is shared by permission and pursuit to all applicable copyright laws.

CHECKOUT (self-support): The Department of Music maintains 3 "Video kits" for extended term checkout to graduate students and senior undergraduate majors. These kits may be checked out for up to 2-weeks. Users should copy their video files to their own cloud storage or personal hard disk. For more information, see the checkout policy.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The 3 performances spaces in CPMC have video archiving and streaming capability for supported events. These "Documentary" recordings are captured by the department's recording staff, with fixed camera position.

WHAT WE RECORD: The Department of Music records events that are approved by the Concert Committee.  In general, “self-supported” events are not recorded by the Music Staff and are not included in the archive without special arrangements. Video recordings may be  available for duplication, pursuit to copyright. 

STREAMING: The department maintains accounts on 3rd party services (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and social media (Facebook, Instragram, etc.).With permission from the performers, rights and license holders, Video may be posted on these services. Live streams may be created from staff-supported events using the departments accounts with the permissions of the appropriate agencies. Self-supported events should use personal accounts.

The Department of Music will only webcast selected UC San Diego related ensembles and student and faculty performances presented in the Conrad Prebys Music Center, Mandeville Auditorium, and Warren Lecture Hall Recording Studios. We are not authorized to webcast outside groups or other entities because of music contract or royalty licensing issues.

These programs are presented as a public service to our viewers. Each webcast is a one-time event. We do not archive and present programming for later viewing because of music royalty licensing issues, with the exception of original work, for which express permission has been granted by the composer or rights holders.

Due to licensing and performance restrictions, concerts are only viewable live. We are unable to offer archived concerts but do post a variety of on-demand content on our online media channels.

FORMAT, HIGH RESOLUTION ARCHIVING and TIMEFRAME: The events are recorded at 1080p. Individual camera feeds (aka "ISO") may also be saved in HD (1080p) or 4k (2160p). Video material is kept for, at least, 1-year. 

PROCEDURE: Coordinate with Brady for checkout of "Video Kits". Coordinate with the Concert Commiteee and Jessica for staff-supported video recording and live streaming.