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Undergrad Course Information

Music Majors can choose a course track with an emphasis in Composition, Performance, Jazz, Technology and Literature. Non-majors can take courses if they satisfy prerequisites, and audition for ensembles.

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Course Information for 2020/2021

The Department of Music is allowing classes taken in SP20 for the undergraduate major/minor and for graduate credit to be taken P/NP.

Summer Session 2021 Course Offerings:


Summer Session 2021 Course Offerings*


  • MUS 4 - Session 1 taught by Barbara Byers (cancelled)
  • MUS 80 - Session 2 taught by Barbara Byers (cancelled)
  • MUS 14 - Session 1 now taught by Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
  • MUS 14 taught by Anthony Vine now offered in Session 2
  • MUS 15 - Session 1 taught by Alexandria Smith - TOPIC: "An Exploration of Visual Albums"

Email Janice Yun at with any questions.

Fall 2020 Audition Information:

Piano (MUS 32/132) - Distinguished Professor Aleck Karis
  • Please prepare 3 pieces from different periods of time.
  • Submit your audition pieces via Slideroom by October 1, 2020 for review.

Jazz Piano (Mus 32/132) - Teaching Professor Kamau Kenyatta

  • Only accepting 3rd & 4th Year Music Majors and Minors
  • Please reach out to Teaching Professor Kamau Kenyatta to schedule a Zoom Audition.

Flute (Mus 32/132) - Assistant Professor Wilfrido Terrazas

  • Please reach out to Assistant Professor Wilfrido Terrazas directly for audition requirements
  • Submit your audition pieces via Slideroom for review
Clarinet (Mus 32/132) - Professor Anthony Burr
  • Please prepare a piece that you are passionate about or enjoy playing.
  • Please submit your piece via Slideroom and scheduled your Zoom audition with Professor Anthony Burr.
Percussion (Mus 32/132) - Instructor Michael Jones & Distinguished Professor Steven Schick
  • Mus 32: Please reach out to instructor Michael Jones for a Zoom scheduled audition.
  • Mus 132: Please submit your audition piece via Slideroom for review.

Vocals (Mus 32V/132V) - Professor Susan Narucki and Staff

  • Auditions will be held on September 29th, 2020 from 10:30am to 1:30pm via Zoom. Please reach out to Professor Susan Narucki to schedule your Zoom audition.
    • Each audition will be 10 minutes long. 
    • Please prepare (2) vocal pieces:
      • Required: At least (1) English piece
      • Required: Audition pieces need to be in the classical or music theater genre
    • Optional: Students have the opportunity to send their musical choice to Kyle Blair so that a MP3 can be created prior to their audition.
  •  PLEASE NOTE: This is optional. Students have the option to sing acapella for their audition. 

  • Deadline for MP3 Submission: September 27th, 2020

Wind Ensemble (Mus 95L) -- Instructor Michael Jones

  • Submit your audition pieces via Slideroom for review
  • Please reach out to instructor Michael Jones for any questions regarding audition questions and/or concerns.

* If you do not see information regarding your desired audition/course, please reach out to the instructor directly. 

** All information is subject to change. Please check our website regularly for up to date information.