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Undergrad Course Information

Music Majors can choose a course track with an emphasis in Composition, Performance, Jazz, Technology and Literature. Non-majors can take courses if they satisfy prerequisites, and audition for ensembles.

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Course Information for 2019/2020

MUS 95L Wind Ensemble 2019-2020 information:
Instructor: James Beauton
For NEW members:
An informal audition will be held on Thursday, September 26th beginning at 7pm in CPMC 136. Please prepare the following for your instrument:
1) Two octave major scale and minor scale of your choice.
2) 1-2 minutes of repertoire of your choosing (can be solo, etude, old band piece, etc.)
Please sign up for a 10 minute audition time here:
3) If you are interested/in need of renting an instrument, please contact for more information.
For RETURNING members:
Welcome back! Our first rehearsal is October 3rd at 7pm, in CPMC 136.
MUS 95D- Symphonic Chorus, La Jolla Symphony 2019-2020 information:
Students must go online to get audition appointments. Visit the LJS&C website at and click on “About Us” in the top bar on the right, the select “Join Our Chorus” and click “Chorus Application” to access the online forms. Targeted student audition times are Wed. Oct. 2 and Wed. Oct. 9, beginning at 6pm in CPMC room 127.