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Undergrad Course Information

Course Information for 2023/2024


Spring 2024 Ensemble Audition Information

** All information is subject to change. Please visit Ensembles * for complete course descriptions, grading options, and fees. **

MUS 95C. Concert Choir: No audition required. 

MUS 95D. Symphonic Chorus: La Jolla Symphony Chorus welcomes student members and requires that each person participate in a 10-minute live audition. Students will go online to schedule appointments: Sign-Up

MUS 95E. Chamber Orchestra: (Matthew Henson, Auditions for the Chamber Orchestra are still available for Bassoon, Trumpet, Tuba, Percussion, and Cello. To audition, submit a video performing two contrasting selections which you feel best exhibit your current skill level on your instrument. The video should total approximately 5 minutes in length. (For percussionists, mallet and timpani submissions are preferred, if possible, but you may perform on any instrument of your choosing). Upload your video using this form by Friday, March 29th, 2024.  

MUS 95G. Gospel Choir (Ken Anderson, No audition required. 

MUS 95JC. Jazz Chamber Ensemble (Kamau Kenyatta, Auditions are held first class meeting. Students will be asked to play or sing a jazz standard or 12-bar blues of their choice, along with a rhythm section. Please bring three lead sheets for students who will accompany you. If you are chosen, you can enroll afterwards. 

MUS 95L. Wind Ensemble (Michael Jones, Auditions will be held during the first class meeting. Students can prepare a short solo, etude or notable excerpt for their instruments. Please sign up at the link: MUS 95L Sign-Up Sheet 

MUS 95W. World Music Ensemble: Indian Classical Music Ensemble (Kartik Seshadri, No audition required. 

MUS 130. Chamber Music Ensemble (Takae Ohnishi, Auditions are held during the first week of each quarter. Attend the first class meeting and prepare a movement of a concerto chosen from the standard repertoire, an entire sonata, or another major work for your instrument.

MUS 131. Advanced Improvisation Performance (Matana Roberts): Master-level class instruction in advanced improvisation performance for music and art majors. 

MUS 134/234. Symphonic Orchestra: The La Jolla Symphony Orchestra performs two full-length programs each quarter, each program being performed twice. For audition information, please contact