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Undergrad Course Information

Music Majors can choose a course track with an emphasis in Composition, Performance, Jazz, Technology and Literature. Non-majors can take courses if they satisfy prerequisites, and audition for ensembles.

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Course Information for 2022/2023


Fall 2022 Instructional (Mus 32/32v/132/132v) Audition Information:

 **All information will be updated in September 2022**

MUS 32/32v/132/132v Auditions:

Important Note: Mus 32/32v/132/132v private instruction courses are ONLY offered to declared Music Majors with a Performance Emphasis. Additionally, these courses are audition-based. Students who are approved to take these courses are required to commit to 3 consecutive quarters (1 full academic year). 


Fall 2022 Ensemble Audition Information

 **All information will be updated in September 2022**

** All information is subject to change. Please check our website regularly for up-to-date information.