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Instruction is available at the intermediate (32) and Advanced (132) levels only. There are no beginning lessons. Instruction is available for clarinet, flute, brass, percussion, piano, jazz piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, and voice. Students must audition in September prior to enrollment. 

Music 32/132: Instrumental Instruction and Music 32V/132V: Vocal Instruction

Individual Lesson Auditions 

Auditions available for Winter 2024. Please note: All other Lessons are closed for auditions until Fall 2024. 

MUS 32/132 Piano Kyle Blair ( Please contact instructor directly.

MUS 32V Vocal: Students auditioning for MUS 32V are asked to prepare two songs.  One can be classical or musical theater and the other is of students' choice. One song needs to be in English.  Please bring a paper copy of the song for the piano accompanist. 

MUS 132V VocalStudents continuing in MUS 132V are asked to bring two songs from their current repertoire. Students auditioning for MUS 132V need to prepare 15 minutes of music (5-6 songs or arias, English and one other language.)  Students are asked to send a list of repertoire to Professor Narucki ( by January 2.  Students are asked to provide paper copies of repertoire for accompanist. 

In addition: please note that studio instruction enrollment is limited to Music Majors and (if space permits ) declared Music Minors.  All students who are enrolled in MUS32V or MUS 132V must also enroll in MUS 32VM, the Undergraduate Vocal Master Class, which meets on Mondays from 3-5 p.m.
Vocal audition will take place on Friday, January 5th (recommended for new students) and Monday, January 8th (recommended for new and continuing students). Please contact ( by noon of January 4th to be scheduled for an audition timeslot. 

MUS 32/132 Jazz Piano (Kamau Kenyatta, ): Jazz piano lessons are limited to juniors and seniors who are Music majors or Minors. Students should play melody and improvise on a jazz standard or 12 bar blues. It is acceptable to use a backing track. Auditions will be conducted remotely by appointment only. Please contact me at before week 0.

MUS 32/132 Cello (Charles Curtis, Please contact instructor directly.

MUS 32/132 Harpsicord (Takae Ohnishi, Please contact instructor directly.

MUS 32/132 Clarinet (Anthony Burr, Students should prepare a piece that gives a broad sense of their skill/musicianship. Auditions will be held in-person during Welcome Week. Please contact instructor directly. 

MUS 32/132 Violin (Erik Carlson, Students should prepare two contrasting pieces/movements. Auditions will be held in-person. Please contact instructor directly. 

MUS 32/132 Flute (Wilfredo Terrazas, Students should prepare two contrasting pieces of music you have recently worked on, 15 minutes maximum total (no need to play the pieces entirely if they are longer). Please reach out to the instructor for audition times during Week 1.

MUS 32/132: Trumpet (Stephanie Richards: Students should prepare 2 contrasting pieces or etudes. Auditions will be held on September 28th from 10:00am-12:00pm in WLH 2143. 

MUS 32/132 Percussion: Steven Schick ( Please contact instructor directly.  

MUS 32/132 Bass: Students will present two contrasting pieces or etudes which best exhibit their current playing ability. To schedule an audition, email Matthew Henson ( by 10/2/23, including a brief (approx. 100 words) description of your prior experience and the pieces you will present at the audition.

Important Note: Mus 32/32v/132/132v private instruction courses are ONLY offered to declared Music Majors with a Performance Emphasis and Music Minor (exceptional case by case basis). Additionally, these courses are audition-based. Students who are approved to take these courses are required to commit to 3 consecutive quarters (1 full academic year). 



Students must be a declared music major and music minor (exceptional case by case basis) to be eligible for an audition. Entering freshman and transfer students who are not music majors or minors can audition first without declaring.  If accepted for Individual Lessons, a major or minor declaration will need to be completed before a student can be cleared to enroll in the course. Students must commit to one full year of lessons, and be enrolled in at least one performance or non-performance music class each quarter they are enrolled in lessons. 

Audition Dates

Fall 2023 Audition Dates (TBD):


Audition times are subject to change. Please check back in early September for any updates or changes to audition times or room locations.

If admitted to Music 32/32V or 132/132V, students will receive a lesson weekly for the ten weeks of each quarter. Lesson times will be determined based upon the schedules of the instructor and student.  Students may not include upper division, Individual Instruction (private lessons, MUS 132/132V) on a Minor Proposal.


If accepted for a 32/32V or 132/132V course:

1) Students are required to enroll in individual lessons for each quarter of the academic year in which they are accepted. Therefore, if you know in advance that you will not be able to enroll for the entire academic year, please do not audition.

2) All students are required to be concurrently enrolled in at least one other Music class or performance ensemble each quarter that they are enrolled for lessons. Students who fail to do so risk forfeiting their lessons.

3) All voice students enrolled in Music 32V/132V must also be simultaneously enrolled in Music 32VM, the Vocal Masterclass for one unit.

Auditions are held only once a year at the beginning of Fall quarter (During Welcome Week). 

FAQs About Lessons

Students cannot enroll in the lessons courses until after audition results are finalized.

All students who audition will be notified of their audition result within the first 2 weeks of the Fall quarter.  Those accepted, will be notified to enroll in the appropriate level course (lower or upper division) prior to the Week 2 Add Deadline.

How difficult is it to be admitted to Music 32/132?

Auditions are very competitive because there are a limited number of lessons available and a large number of students auditioning, especially for guitar, piano, and voice.

Do I have to be a music major or minor to take Music 32/132?

Yes. You must also be concurrently enrolled in either a Department ensemble (Music 95B-W, 130, 131, or 134) or a non-performance music course.

Do you offer beginning lessons?

We do not. However, we do have a Musicians Referral Directory, which lists instructors who teach privately for a fee. The directory may be found on the Music Department homepage:

What should I prepare for the audition?

A movement of a concerto chosen from the standard repertoire, a sonata, or another major work for your instrument that reflects your level of ability, preferably one with fast and slow passages. Specific audition requirements for flute, percussion, piano, and voice are noted on the Lessons website.

How long are the auditions?

Usually no more than five to ten minutes. In addition to the audition, students are sometimes asked questions regarding their musical background and interests.

Who is present at the auditions? Will my fellow students hear me play?

The audition is with the instructor(s) of your instrument. Other auditioning students are not present.

When are the auditions held?

Auditions are held once a year just prior to the beginning of the Fall quarter. It is necessary to sign up for a specific audition time for both piano and voice. Please reference the department website to find specific instructions and room locations.

What if I have class at the time of the auditions?

Please make every attempt to audition at the scheduled time. If you absolutely cannot make it, you must contact the instructor to see if she/he can hear you at another time.

Can I audition in the Winter or Spring quarters?

Normally it is difficult to be admitted to Music 32/132 in these quarters since those students who audition at the beginning of Fall quarter and who are accepted for lessons commit to taking them for all three quarters. Additionally, the lessons budget is finalized after the Fall quarter auditions, and due to budget restrictions it is rare for students to be added for winter and spring quarters.

Why is enrollment limited?

It is extremely costly to teach individual lessons. The lesson courses are a form of scholarship and it is for this reason that we require registered students to be either a declared music major or minor.

How many students are admitted each year to each instrument?

The number varies from year to year and is based on funding and on other factors.

What if I’m not admitted? Can I audition again?

You can audition the following Fall quarter. Students are also welcome to enroll in any of our ensemble classes (most are by audition – please see the Ensembles webpage:

For those not able to enter Music 32/32V, there are instructors who teach privately for a fee. Please consult the Musicians Referral Directory for a list of these department-affiliated instructors.

When are lessons taught?

The lessons are arranged according to the schedules of the students and instructors.

How do I enroll?

You will receive a message in the Virtual Advising Center with a notice of acceptance. You will then be able to enroll through WebReg.

Is there a charge for lessons?

No. Music 32/132 lessons are included in your tuition fees just like any other course.

May I use a practice room?

Yes. Rooms are available to students enrolled in music courses that require the use of a practice room. Music majors are eligible to obtain a key card, while minors will have access Monday – Friday from 8am-9pm.

Do you have lockers?

Yes. There are a limited number available for music majors and minors. Please see the Facilities Assistant in CPMC 109 for availability.

Does the Music Department ever loan instruments to students?

Yes, on occasion but only to majors and minors. Refer to Intranet:

Any final advice?


Audition Guidelines

Prepare a movement of a concerto chosen from the standard repertoire, a sonata, or another major work for your instrument that reflects your level of ability, preferably one with fast and slow passages. Specific audition requirements for flute, percussion, piano, violin/viola and voice, are located below.