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Music Humanities Major

The Music Humanities major is intended for students who wish to pursue a broad liberal arts program that includes music as a central element. This major emphasizes music history and literature, and allows the individual student to select an area of interest within the broad field of the Humanities.  This major allows flexibility in a choice of a coherent set of six upper division humanities or fine arts courses that focus on a specific topic. For example,  students have chosen courses from Philosophy, History, Literature, Visual Arts, Theater, Anthropology, and Ethnic Studies departments. Five of the six courses must be chosen from departments other than the Music Department. Advance approval for these courses must be secured in writing from the Music Humanities faculty advisor Professor David Borgo. Please email Professor Stevens at to arrange an appointment to discuss your interests, and for suggestions of courses.

PDF Curriculum of Music Humanities Major for students entering prior to Fall 2016 

PDF Curriculum of Music Humanities Major for students entering Fall 2016 or later

2019 Important Dates for New Students

All courses taken to satisfy major requirements, regardless of the department,  must be taken for a letter grade, and only grades of C- or better will be accepted in the major.

Music Humanities Major Curriculum - Students Entering Fall 2016 or later

(Students entering prior to Fall 2016, refer to the PDF above) 

Lower Division Requirements: 

Fundamentals of Music: Music 1A-B-C or 2A-B-C

Ensemble Performance: THREE quarters Music 95A-W, 130, 131, 133 or 134 

Music 43: Department Seminar required each quarter 

Upper Division Requirements 

Music 120A-B-C: History of Music in Western Culture I, II, III

THREE courses from the following list, including at least one from 107, 110, 116 or 150:

  • Music 107: Critical Studies Seminar* 
  • Music 110: Introduction to Ethnomusicology* 
  • Music 111: Topics/World Music Traditions 
  • Music 112: Topics in European Music Before 1750 
  • Music 113: Topics in Classic, Romantic & Modern Music 
  • Music 114: Music of the 20th Century 
  • Music 115: Women in Music 
  • Music 116: Topics in Popular Music* 
  • Music 126: Blues: An Oral Tradition 
  • Music 127: Discover Jazz* 
  • Music 150: Jazz and the Music of the Diaspora: Special Topics Seminar*

*Can be repeated once if the course topic is different 

Focus Requirements:  A coherent set of six upper division humanities or fine arts courses that focus on a specific topic. Advance approval for these courses must be secured in writing from the Music Humanities faculty advisor, Professor David Borgo,

Double Major

Students wanting to pursue a double major in Music Humanities can submit a petition once they have completed 90 UC units and no later than 135 units. With the approval of both departments and of the College Provost, a student in good standing may declare a double major. Students should arrange an advising appointment with the UG advisor to review the requirements of the major. Students should be prepared to bring the Double Major Petition form and a copy of their quarter by quarter plan. The Music Department will allow a maximum of 2 upper-division courses to overlap between both majors.