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Academic Advising

Current Students: Please contact us through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

General/Prospective Students: Please contact us at


No Virtual Advising or Walk-Ins will be conducted until Week 3If you have any inquiries please make sure to utilize your Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

SP24 Walk-In Advising Schedule:
Mondays: 1:30P - 2:30P
Thursdays: 1:30P - 2:30P
** Walk-In Advising is first come first serve. There may be a significant wait time. If you have questions, you can also reach out to us thourgh the Virtual Advising Center or you can find your answer on here on the Music Department Website. ** 

Virtual Advising Appointments: Please schedule your Virtual Advising Appointments via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) under the "Meet with an Advisor" function: 
SP24 Virtual Advising Appointment Schedule:
Tuesdays: 9:00A - 11:30A
                   1:30P - 2:30P
Thursdays: 9:00A - 11:30A

Please Note: We only allow a 5 minute grace period for tardiness. You will NOT be seen after this grace period and will need to reschedule.  

Virtual Advising Appointments are dedicated to assisting students with the following:

  • Double Major Petitions
  • Quarter by Quarter Plans
  • Degree Audit Checks
  • Degree Planning and Major Concerns 

To ensure that you make the best out of our time, come prepared with courses that you are interested in and all forms completed.

Please see Expected Response Times for specific requests below:

Virtual Advising Center (VAC) – 2-3 Business days after submission
EASy Request – 5 Business days after submission
Declaring a Minor – 5 Business days after submission
Undergraduate Student Petition – 2 Business days after submission. We review on Thursdays. It can take up to a business week to receive a decision. 
Double Major – Review starts during Week 4. You will receive a decision 5 Businesses days after submission. 
SAP and Unit Limit Extension – 2-5 Business days after submission.  
Letters of Recommendation - 5 business days after requested. 


Undergraduate Student Petitions

Students who would like to petition a course to be applied to the Music Department must submit the following:
  1. An Undergraduate Student Petition form
  2. Course syllabus

Petitions can be submitted to the Undergrad Music Email: with the Subject of "Student Petition: [Insert Your Name] [Insert PID]". The department will review the petition starting 5 business days after it was received and will determine whether the course meets the department's requirements and will approve or deny the petition on that basis. Please allow a business week for your decision to be processed. 

The Music Department does not allow students to petition ensembles. Music majors who are required to fulfill the 3 quarter ensemble requirement will be required to do so by participating in UC San Diego ensembles.

The Music Department does not allow students to petition Music-DEI courses. A knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion is required for all undergraduate students at UC San Diego. The university has a select list of DEI approved courses for which meet this particular requirement. Given the specific criteria for a course to meet these three main pillars, the Department of Music cannot accept articulations from other instutions solely based on course descriptions. 

Double Major Student Petitions

Students wanting to pursue a double major in Music, Music Humanities or ICAM can submit a petition once they have completed 90 UC units and no later than 135 units. With the approval of both departments and of the College Provost, a student in good standing may declare a double major. Students should arrange an advising appointment with the UG advisor to review the requirements of the major. Students should be prepared to have their Double Major Petition form and a copy of their quarter by quarter plan available for review. The Music Department will allow a maximum of 2 upper-division courses to overlap between both majors. Please note: per Academic Senate regulations regarding double majors, students may not double major within a singular department unless approved by the Undergraduate Council.

Please know that our office begins reviewing Double Major Petitions starting Week 4 of every quarter.


Important Dates

New Students 2023-2024

** Information is in the process of being updated

2023-2024 Important Dates

Event  Date
Fall Quarter begins  9/19 

 Instruction begins

 Deadline to Add or re-enroll 10/7
 Deadline to Change Grading Option 10/21
 Deadline to Change Units 10/21
 Deadline to Drop Courses without "W" 10/21
 Deadline to Drop Courses with "W" 11/4
 Veterans Day Holiday 11/10
 Last day of classes before finals  12/2
 Finals Week 12/3-12/10 
 Fall Quarter ends  12/10
 Winter Break
 Winter Quarter begins  1/3
 Instruction begins 1/8
 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday 1/15
 Deadline to Add or re-enroll 1/19
 Deadline to Drop Courses without "W" 2/2
 Deadline to Change Grading Option 2/16
 Deadline to Change Units 2/16
 Presidents' Day Holiday 2/19
 Deadline to Drop Courses with "W" 2/16
 Instruction Ends 3/15
 Finals Week 3/16-3/23
 Deadline to file for "Removal of Grade Incomplete" from previous quarter 3/23
 Winter Quarter ends 3/23
 Deadline to request grade of "Incomplete" 3/25
 Spring Break
 Spring Quarter begins 3/27
 César Chávez Holiday
 Instruction begins 4/1
 Deadline to Add or re-enroll 4/12
 Deadline to Drop courses without "W" 4/26
 Deadline to Change Grading Option 5/10
 Deadline to Change Units 5/10
 Deadline to Drop courses with "W" 5/10
 Memorial Day observance
 Instruction ends 6/7
 Finals Week 6/8-6/14
 Deadline to file for "Removal of Grade Incomplete" from previous quarter 6/14
 Spring Quarter ends 6/14
 Commencement programs
 Deadline to request grade of "Incomplete" 6/17



Upcoming Holiday Schedule

**Please Note: The Music Dept. will be CLOSED on these dates. 

Holiday Date
Memorial Day 05/29
Juneteenth 06/19
Independence Day 07/04
Labor Day 09/04

Additional Resources and Links

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Major/Minor Tool

Office for Students with Disabilities

OSD Department Liaison: TBD, Undergraduate Advisor, CPMC 195 (AFA letters must be on file with the department in order to receive accommodations).

Online Key Request for Music Majors and students in the following courses: MUS 2ABC, 2AK, 2BK, 2CK, 32, 32V, 95B, 95D, 95E, 95JC, 95K, 95L, 101ABC, 102, 106, 130, 131, 132, 132V, 134, 137, 43 and 143.

Study Abroad

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Virtual Advising Center (VAC)


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