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Academic Advising

To ensure the safety of all involved, all advising will be conducted virtually. We will be conducting Virtual Advising Appointments and Virtual Walk-Ins.

** Please Note: We only allow a 5 minute grace period for tardinesss. You will NOT be seen after this grace period and will need to reschedule. 

Please see the following schedule:

Virtual Advising AppointmentsPlease schedule your Virtual Advising Appointments via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC):  

Monday: 9:00A - 10:00A 
Tuesday: 9:00A - 11:00A and 1:30P - 2:30P
Thursday: 9:00A - 10:00A

Current UC San Diego students should contact advising through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC). No academic advising is conducted through email for current students. Prospective students, please email:

Please note, Virtual Advising Appointments are dedicated to assisting students with the following:

  • Double Major Petitions
  • Quarter by Quarter Plans
  • Degree Audit Checks
  • Degree Planning and Major Concerns

To ensure that you make the best out of our time, come prepared with courses that you are interested in and all forms completed.


Virtual Walk-Ins (suspended Week 7): Virtual Walk-Ins are dedicated for questions that can be easily discussed within several minutes.

Please find the link for Virtual Walk-Ins here 

Passcode: 703013
Monday: 1:30P - 2:30P
Wednesday: 1:30P - 2:30P

Proficiency Exams and Petitions

FALL 2021 - Proficiency Exams:



  • Proficiency exams are required of all students wishing to Test Out of the Music 1 series, Music 2 series and Music 2K series.
  • Students who test out of a course or sequence will NOT earn course credit/units. Testing out merely fulfills prerequisite requirements.
  • Mus 2 Series is REQUIRED for all Music Majors.


Music 1: The proficiency exam for Music 1 (Fundamentals of Music) is given individually for each course in the sequence. There is a MUS 1A exam, a 1B exam and a 1C exam.

MUS 1A, MUS 1B and 1C exams are administered with each instructor. Please see below:

Prof. Alex Stephenson will be conducting the Mus 1 Series Proficiency Exam during Office Hours on Tuesday Sept. 27th from 1p - 2p in CPMC 245 and Thursday, Sept. 29th from 1p - 2p in CPMC 166. Please reach out to him directly to schedule your exam:

Prof. Shaoai Zhang will be conducting the Mus 1 Series Proficiency Exam virtually via CANVAS. Please reach out to her directly for scheduled time:

Each exam must be completed within 40 minutes. This course sequence is intended for non-music majors.


Music 2: The proficiency exam for Music 2 (Basic Musicanship) is given individually for each course in the sequence. There is a MUS 2A exam, a 2B exam and a 2C exam. This course is intended for music majors but the department will allow non-majors to enroll after taking the proficiency exam and if there are seats available during Week 1 after all music majors have enrolled. 

Exams will be held during the first class meeting on Sept. 23rd at 9:30a to 10:50a virtually on CANVAS/Zoom with Prof. Stephanie Richards. Please see below:

Topic: MUS2 Proficiency Test
Time: Sep 23, 2021 09:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Please attend the first day of class, whether you are registered or not. However, new transfer students should enroll in MUS 101A, and also take the proficiency exam for the 2 series, to determine if tutoring would be needed in 101A.

You can find more information regarding the Mus 2 Series Proficiency Exam by clicking HERE


All students who have enrolled in the course is REQUIRED to complete the Mus 2 Series Proficiency Exam no matter their experience level. 


Music 2K: All students planning to test out of Music 2K (Basic Keyboard) must take a proficiency exam for each course. Each exam tests students on all three courses of that series. Exams will be given virtually. To schedule the exam, please reach out to Prof. Takae Ohnishi directly.


*If you do not see information regarding your desired audition/course, please reach out to the instructor directly.

**All information is subject to change. Please check our website regularly for up to date information.



Students who would like to petition a course to the Music Department must submit the following:

  1. An Undergraduate Student Petition form
  2. Course syllabus

Petitions can be submitted to the Undergrad Music Email: with the Subject of "Student Petition: [Insert Your Name]". The department will review the petition and will determine whether the course meets the department's requirements and will approve or deny the petition on that basis. Please allow a business week for your decision to be processed. 


The Music Department does not allow students to petition ensembles. Music majors who are required to fulfill the 3 quarter ensemble requirement will be required to do so by participating in UC San Diego ensembles.

Important Dates

New Students 2021-2022

2021 Important Dates

Event  Date
First Day of Instruction Thursday, Sept. 23rd, 2021
Mus 1 Series Proficiency Exams Week 1, Sept. 27th - Sept. 29th, 2021 
Mus 2 Series Proficiency Exams Tuesday, Sept. 28th, 2021
Mus 2K Series Proficiency Exams Week 1
Deadline for Automatic Waitlist End of Week 2: Thursday, October 7th, 2021
Deadline to Change Units End of Week 4: Friday, Oct. 22nd, 2021
Deadline to Change Grading Option End of Week 4: Friday, Oct. 22nd, 2021
Deadline to Drop Courses w/out "W" End of Week 4: Friday, Oct. 22nd, 2021
Deadline to Drop Course with "W" End of Week 6: Friday, Nov. 5th, 2021
Finals Week Saturday, Dec. 4th - Saturday, Dec. 11th, 2021
End of Quarter Saturday, Dec. 11th, 2021


Upcoming Holiday Schedule

**Please Note: The Music Dept. will be CLOSED on these dates. 

Holiday Date
Veterans Day Thursday, November 11th, 2021
Thanksgiving Break Thursday & Friday, November 25th - 26th, 2021
Winter Break Thursday & Friday, December 23rd - 24th, 2021
New Year's Break Thursday & Friday, December 30th - 31st, 2021

Important Resources and Links

Application for Graduation

Declaring a Minor

Declaring a Major

Double Major Petition Process

EASy Request

Enrollment & Registration Calendar


Provides Music Department policies and downloadable department forms (i.e. Key Request, Lockers, Practice Rooms, Equipment Checkout)

Major/Minor Tool

Music Courses

Office for Students with Disabilities

OSD Department Liaison: Katara Conroy, Undergraduate Advisor, CPMC 195 (AFA letters must be on file with the department in order to receive accommodations).

Online Key Request for Music Majors and students in the following courses: MUS 2ABC, 2AK, 2BK, 2CK, 32, 32V, 95B, 95D, 95E, 95JC, 95K, 95L, 101ABC, 102, 106, 130, 131, 132, 132V, 134, 137, 43 and 143.

Schedule an Appointment

Study Abroad

Triton Link

UCSD General Catalog

Undergraduate Student Petition

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)


What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

Zoom Capabilities

Learning Objectives

Newsletter Archive

Advising Team

Undergraduate Advisor

Katara Conroy
CPMC 195

Office Hours, as of Fall 2021

*All Advising will be conducted VIRTUALLY. Please schedule an appointment through your Virtual Advising Center (VAC). 
* The office closes Monday-Friday from 12 Noon - 1:00P for lunch.
* The office closes Monday-Friday at 4:00P.

Student Affairs Assistant

Juleane Johnson
CPMC Front Desk
Office Hours, as of Fall 2021
Monday (In office): 7:30A - 4:00P
Tuesday (In office): 7:30A - 4:00P
Wednesday (Remote): 8:00A - 4:30P
Thursday (In office): 7:30A - 4:00P
Friday (Remote): 8:00A - 4:30P