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Building Guidelines

This document provides details on access that may change due to campus policy. See the "Building Access Policy" (pdf) for an overview of who may access which departmental resources.

Please do not bring food and drink into department spaces.

With our return to campus, the Department of Music's facilities in the Conrad Prebys Music Center and Warren will be open for use. We won't be all the way back to "normal" but will be able to get a lot of things happening. Students will have access to the buildings and common areas, and will be able to reserve access-controlled spaces according to the rules below. Faculty will have their customary level of access to spaces restored. Access is dependent on staying in status with the screening app, the vaccination mandate, the masking mandate (with limited exceptions) and any additional testing requirements. We are counting on everyone to do their part in staying within the regulations here and any violations will result in loss of access.

At present UC San Diego requires masking indoors at all times. There are some things that we do in the department that can't reasonably be done masked (wind/brass/singing), but we can do these things in limited ways subject to some additional precautions. The department is using the guidelines developed back in Spring that are linked below.

Room Reservation Process:

  • Practice Rooms can be scheduled via web form: Room Reservation Request.
  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance - and will be reviewed by staff Monday thru Friday, during work hours.
  • Reservations made after 3:30 p.m. will be reviewed the following work day.

Practice Room Usage Conditions:

  • 90 minute reservations, in room
  • Maximum of two back-to-back reservation slot.
  • Zero room occupancy refresh time of at least 15 minutes for individuals and 30 minutes for ensembles.
  • Please clean/sanitize spaces before and after use, with materials provided in each room.
  • If you play a wind/brass instrument or sing please request one of the access-controlled practice spaces.
  • Condensation from brass/wind instruments will be emptied into performer’s absorbent pad (not on the floor) via dripping rather than blowing through. Please remember to bring your own towel or absorbent pad
  • The smaller rooms which do not have keycard access should only be used for piano/stringed instrument practice


  • ALL participants must have campus community access and adhere to Return to Learn guidelines.
  • At this time, Music facilities are only open to UC San Diego community: Faculty, Students and Staff. Visitor access must be pre-approved and will require adherence to all University guidelines. Reservation priority will be given to ensembles consisting entirely of campus community members.

ICAM Spaces:

  • Access to these spaces is dependent on enrollment in specific courses, or through specific exception. They can be scheduled through the self-scheduler.

Peformance Requests:

Supported Performance requests will be reviewed by the Concert Committee.

Recording Requests:

Supported Recording requests will be reviewed by the Recording Committee. Please use the following links for ALL requests: