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Music Intranet - Commitee Assignments

2023-2024 Department of Music Committees

Executive Committee

  • Anthony Burr (Department Chair)
  • Shahrokh Yadegari (Vice Chair)
  • Stephanie Richards (Performance Area Head)
  • Tamara Smyth (Computer Music Area Head)
  • David Borgo (Director of Graduate Studies/IS Area Head)
  • Lei Liang (Composition Area Head)
  • Gris Arellano (CAO)

 Recording/Technology Committee

The Recording/Technology committee will oversee the department's audio and video recording activities and consult on technology infrastructure around recording, live sound/video and instructional contexts. They will review proposals from faculty and graduate students, advise on budget and expenditure and review operations on an ongoing basis. The committee is responsible for allocating the department's recording and technical resources (physical and staff) in support of the department's research and teaching missions. Meetings will be held monthly

  • Tom Erbe (Studio Director/Chair) (Fall Sabbatical)
  • Michelle Lou
  • Andrew Munsey (Recording Engineer)
  • Gris Arellano (CAO)
  • Jessica Flores (Production Manager)

Concert/Production Committee

The Concert/Production committee will oversee the programming and operation of the Department's concert and events calendar. They will review proposals, advise on budget/support for events and review operations during the year. Meetings will be held monthly. The committee's role is two-fold: managing allocation of the department's production resources (physical, staff and financial) to support our research and teaching missions; and acting as the faculty oversight layer for programming and the public face of the department. The committee will advise on the department's stewardshp of Mandeville Auditorium.

  • Erik Carlson (Chair)
  • Jessica Flores (Production Manager)
  • Rand Steiger
  • Gris Arellano (CAO)
  • Kamau Kenyatta

Undergraduate Committee

The undergraduate committee is responsible for maintenance and review of the undergraduate curriculum. This could include: updating catalog copy and course listings, working on mapping or defining learning outcomes across the curriculum, and consideration of articulations with community college courses. The committee will meet as needed, at least once a quarter.

  • Charles Curtis (Chair) (Undergraduate Coordinator)
  • Karola Obermüller
  • King Britt

Graduate Committee

The graduate committee will consist of the Director of Graduate Studies, the graduate coordinator, TA liaison and first year advisors from each area. The committee will act to coordinate things across the graduate program, especially for first year students. They will also review proposals for research and travel support from graduate students, advise the chair on student petitions, and make recommendations for student awards. The committee is also responsible for maintaining or cleaning up existing curriculum catalog copy and will advise the full faculty on curricular revisions. The committee will meet as needed, at least once a quarter.

  • David Borgo (Director of Graduate Studies)
  • Ali Cresap (Grad Coordinator)
  • Rand Steiger (F)/Anthony Davis (WS)
  • Tamara Smyth
  • Wilfrido Terrazas
  • Sarah Hankins (TA Advisor)

Academic Senate General Assembly Representatives

  • King Britt
  • Matana Roberts (Alternate)

Composition Search Committee

  • Wilfrido Terrazas (Chair)
  • Karola Obermüller
  • Michelle Lou
  • Rand Steiger (F)/ Anthony Davis (W)
  • Janet Sit (Grad Student Rep)

Piano Performance Search Committee

  • Kamau Kenyatta (Chair)
  • Erik Carlson
  • Stephanie Richards
  • Steve Schick
  • Grace Talaski (Grad Student Rep)

Director of Graduate Studies: David Borgo

ICAM Advisor: Tom Erbe

Studio Director: Tom Erbe

Music Humanities Advisor: David Borgo

Department TA Advisor: Sarah Hankins

Improvisers Initiative

  • Amy Cimini
  • Anthony Davis
  • Mark Dresser
  • Kamau Kenyatta
  • Stephanie Richards
  • Wilfrido Terrazas (Chair)
  • David Borgo
  • King Britt