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Music Intranet - Commitee Assignments

2021-2022 Department of Music Committees

Executive Committee
Anthony Burr (Department Chair)
Shahrokh Yadegari (Vice Chair, Remote Teaching Lead 2020-21)
Stephanie Richards (Performance Area Head)
Tom Erbe (Computer Music Area Head)
David Borgo (Integrative Studies Area Head)
Rand Steiger (Composition Area Head)
Anthony Davis (Department Equity Officer)
Steven Schick (Concert Committee Chair)
Barbara Jackson (Chief Administrative Officer)

Recording/Technology Committee
Tom Erbe (Studio Director/Chair)
Erik Carlson
Andrew Munsey (Recording Engineer)
Barbara Jackson (CAO)
Jessica Flores (Production Manager)

Concert Committee
Steven Schick (Chair)
Jessica Flores (Production Manager)
Rand Steiger
Stephanie Richards

Undergraduate Committee
David Borgo (Chair)
Marcos Balter
Kamau Kenyatta
Wilfrido Terrazas

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee
Anthony Davis (Chair)
King Britt
M. Leslie Santana
Amy Cimini (Director of Graduate Studies)
Kevin Green and Janet Sit (Student representatives)

Academic Senate General Assembly Representatives
M. Leslie Santana
Kamau Kenyatta (alternate)

Improvisers Initiative
Amy Cimini
Anthony Davis
Mark Dresser
Kamau Kenyatta
Stephanie Richards
Wilfrido Terrazas
King Britt

Distinguished Lecture Series
Nancy Guy
Sarah Hankins (fall sabbatical)
Shlomo Dubnov
Grad student representative (TBA)

Director of Graduate Studies: Amy Cimini
ICAM Advisor: Tom Erbe
Studio Director: Tom Erbe
Music Humanities Advisor: David Borgo

First Year Graduate Advisors:
Tamara Smyth (Computer Music)
Rand Steiger (Composition)
David Borgo (Integrative Studies)
Erik Carlson (Performance)