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F. Richard Moore - Publications

F. Richard Moore

F. Richard Moore - Selected Publications 

"Electronic Music--an Introduction," Carnegie Technical 40-45 (November 1963).

with M. V. Mathews, J.-C. Risset and J. R. Pierce, The Technology of Computer Music, MIT Press (1969).

with M. V. Mathews, "GROOVE--A Program to Compose, Store, and Edit Functions of Time," Communications of the ACM 13(12) 715-721 (December 1970).

with Lillian Schwartz and Ken Knowlton, computer generated music scores for computer generated abstract art films, including Pixillation, Enigma, Apotheosis, Affinities, Galaxies and Mathoms (1970-77).

"Music--Film--Computers," Filmmaker's Newsletter 4(6) 26-30 (April 1971).

"Musica ed Elaboratori Elettronici," Enciclopedia della Scienza e della Tecnica Mondadori 490-498 (1971).

with P. B. Ostergard, "Noise and Music," AAAS Speaking of Science (Audiotape Series) 1(12) (1972).

"Computer-Controlled Analog Synthesizers," Bell Laboratories Computing Science Technical Report #10 (May 1973).

with M. V. Mathews and J.-C. Risset, "Computers and Future Music," Science 183 263-268 (25 January 1974).

"Table Lookup Noise for Sinusoidal Digital Oscillators," Computer Music Journal 1(2) 26-29 (April 1977).

Realtime Interactive Computer Music Synthesis, Doctoral dissertation, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University Report STAN-M-7 (1977).

"An Introduction to the Mathematics of Digital Signal Processing, Part I: Algebra, Trigonometry, and the Most Beautiful Formula in Mathematics," Computer Music Journal 2(1) 38-47 (July 1978).

"An Introduction to the Mathematics of Digital Signal Processing, Part II: Sampling, Transforms, and Digital Filtering," Computer Music Journal 2(2) 38-60 (September 1978).

"The Futures of Music," Perspectives of New Music 19(1-2) 212-226 (Fall-Winter 1980, Spring-Summer 1981).

"Musical Signal Processing in a UNIX Environment," Proceedings of the International Music and Technology Conference 89-111, University of Melbourne, Australia (August 1981).

"The Computer Audio Research Laboratory at UCSD," Computer Music Journal 6(1) 18-29 (Spring 1982).

"The Computer Music Journal, 1977-1982--a Review," Yale Journal of Music Theory 27(1) 127-135 (Spring 1983).

"A General Model for Spatial Processing of Sounds," Computer Music Journal 7(3) 6-15 (Fall 1983).

with Diana Deutsch and Mark Dolson, "Pitch Classes Differ with Respect to Height," Music Perception 2(2) 265-271 (Winter 1984).

with Diana Deutsch, "A Spectral Contrast Illusion," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 76 (Supplement 1--S77) (Fall 1984).

Programming in C with a Bit of UNIX, 193 pages, Prentice-Hall (1985).

"The FRMbox: A Modular Digital Music Synthesizer," in Digital Audio Engineering: An Anthology, J. Strawn, ed., William Kaufmann, Inc. (1985).

with Diana Deutsch and Mark Dolson, "The Perceived Height of Octave-Related Complexes," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 68 1-10 (1986).

Debuter en C (French translation by C. Le Bras), 213 pages, Eyrolles, Paris (1987).

"The Dysfunctions of MIDI," Computer Music Journal 12(2) (Spring 1988).

Programming in C with a Bit of UNIX, HBJ Computing Science Series No. 25 (Japanese translation), 182 pages, Tokyo (1988).

"A General Model for Spatial Processing of Sounds," in The Music Machine, C. Roads, ed., MIT Press (1989).

"Spatialization of Sounds Over Loudspeakers," in Current Directions in Computer Music Research, M. V. Mathews and J. R. Pierce, eds., MIT Press (1989).

Elements of Computer Music, 560 pages, Prentice-Hall (1990).

"A Technological Approach to Music," (Japanese translation by Prof. T. Yoshida) Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo (1990).

"A Technological Approach to Music," in Companion to Contemporary Musical Thought, Volume 1, J. Paynter, T. Howell, R. Orton, and P. Seymour and eds., Routledge, London (1992).

"On How to Talk About Music," article in Xenakis CD booklet by Roger and Karen Reynolds (Neuma).

"En Route to an Understanding," review of 28 February 1995 electronic violin concert by János Négyesy, at

"Dreams of Computer Music--Then and Now," Computer Music Journal 20 (1) 25-41 (Spring 1996).

with Thomas Rossing and John Wheeler, The Science of Sound (783 pages), Addison-Wesley, (2002).

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