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Facts about wait-listed classes:

  • Wait-lists are automated, starting with 2nd Pass Enrollment. When a student drops from the course, the next eligible person on the wait list will be automatically enrolled.
  • Classes can be wait-listed until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday of Week 2. See deadlines for the academic year.
  • There are no waitlists starting Friday of Week 2. 
  • Before the quarter begins, you can enroll in and wait-listed for a total of 19.5 units.
  • After the quarter begins, you can enroll in and wait-listed for a total of 22 units.
  • If a student doesn't meet class requirements/prerequisites when the system attempts to move him/her from the wait list into the class, the student will not be added to the course.


Commonly asked questions:

1 The class or section you want is full.

* WebReg will offer you the option of enrolling in another open section of that class, or wait-listing the section.
* You can only wait-list for one section of a course.
* You can't be simultaneously enrolled and wait-listed in different sections of a course.
* Use WebReg if you have been pre-authorized to enroll in a full class; however, you must first drop yourself from the wait list and then register.

Note: Classes you have wait-listed will display in WebReg.

2 You change your mind and want to add or wait-list a different section of a class for which you are already enrolled.

* Check the Schedule of Classes to make sure there are seats available.
* Drop the section in which you are already enrolled or wait-listed.
* After completing the drop, add or wait-list a different section.
Note: If you want to know your place on the wait list, check your Class List.

3 You want to find out if you were placed into a section from the wait list.

* If you are enrolled in a wait-listed class, it will be included on your Class List and you will be notified by e-mail.
* If the class appears on your Class List, go to WebReg and confirm your grading option.  Grading options cannot be changed after Friday of Week 4.