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Lindsay Long

lindsay-long-400.JPGPhone: (858) 534-5404
Office: CPMC 189

Lindsay Long, HR/AP Analyst

After obtaining her MBA from CSU Sacramento in 2015, Lindsay worked for the CSU system for 6 years doing faculty administrative support, program coordination and HR functions primarily at CSU Maritime Academy and has participated in their 2-month long Summer Training cruises for the last 4 summers as the Ship’s Purser (even holding an entry level Merchant Mariner Credential!). The cruises have taken her to Samoa, Solomon Islands, Portugal and more, all while gaining valuable experience maintaining ship’s crew documents and working with Port agents around the world.

When not working, she enjoys hiking and hanging with her corgi Minnie, learning new recipes in the kitchen, and traveling near and far and is looking forward to exploring San Diego after relocating from the Bay Area.