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Daniel Ross

Daniel RossPhone: 858-534-0486
Office: CPMC 179

Daniel Ross received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from UC San Diego's ICAM program in spring of 2014. During his time at UC San Diego, Daniel not only learned from instructors such as Miller Puckette, Tom Erbe, Richard F. Moore, and Peter Otto, but also worked for the Music Department as an Assistant Recording Engineer. He recorded over 100 concerts including symphony orchestras, chamber, percussion, jazz, and wind ensembles, gospel choir, computer music, experimental music, telematic, and spatial (surround) music performances. He also interned for then Chief Recording Engineer, Josef Kucera at the Warren Music Center Studios where he assisted with studio maintenance, analog dubbing, and mixing recording sessions. Daniel also holds certifications in Sound Design, Recording Arts, Digital Audio, and also has an AA in Digital Music Technology. Daniel currently works for the Department of Music as a Technical Production Specialist and teaches Synthesis and Sound Design classes at the Art Institute of San Diego. He also freelances as an audio designer for immersive and interactive media; most recently completing the sound design, editing and mixing for the award-winning theme park ride, Mass Effect: New Earth, which is based on the popular video game series by Electronic Arts.