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Doctoral Completion Requirements



After successful completion of the qualifying examination, all students must remain in residence for at least three quarters, during which time they must enroll in twelve units of MUS 299 every quarter with their committee chair or other committee members. Students must provide a full copy of the doctoral research they wish to defend to the student’s doctoral committee members four weeks prior to the doctoral defense. Materials previously submitted for other degrees are not acceptable, and in all cases a final public defense of the student’s doctoral work is required. It is understood that the edition of the dissertation given to committee members will not be the final form, and that committee members may request changes or revisions be made to the text after the defense. In extreme cases, another public defense may be merited.

See the Doctoral Completion Checklist hereStudents are approved to have remote/Zoom defenses through the end of Fall Quarter 2021.

  •  For composition students, completion of a major composition project.
  •  For computer music students, completion of an acceptable dissertation.
  •  For integrative studies students, completion of a book-length dissertation demonstrating original research and critical insight, or presentation of a major creative work and a substantive written defense of that work.
  •  For DMA students, completion of two more recitals, or one recital plus one of the following: (a) a thesis or research project; (b) a concert or lecture recital that is innovative in design and/or content and which is supported by appropriate documentation as determined by the committee; or (c) two approved chamber music concerts, with appropriate documentation as determined by the committee.
  •  All of the above doctoral completion requirements must have final approval from all members of a student’s committee. Acceptance of the dissertation by the university librarian represents the final step in completion of all requirements for the PhD.

Materials previously submitted for degrees at other institutions are not acceptable for submission at UC San Diego.