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Graduate Registration

All registration and course enrollment is handled through WebReg.

Departmental Approval

Graduate courses listed with a "zero" enrollment limit must first be approved by the department before enrollment. 

For current students requesting departmental approval to enroll in courses, use the EASy Preauthorization System. Requests may be denied if the requestor does not have the required prerequisites or instructor approval, or has not provided adequate information as listed above. All requests will receive a confirmation message with instructions once approval has been granted.
Please Note:  The Department of Music staff cannot enroll students in courses or drop them from courses. Department clearance means the restriction preventing you to register is removed. After students are cleared by the department, they will then need to register through Webreg before the Add Deadline!


MUS 298, 299 and 500 (Graduate Courses)

Graduate students wishing to enroll in a MUS 298, 299, or 500 should request registration with the instructor for whom they are working/studying, in a message sent to their advisor.  Typically, these courses are not available until requested. If the instructor is not listed on WebReg, please let the Graduate Advisor know so a section can be created for you and the instructor.

Music Department Late-Add Policy


Adding classes past the Friday of week 2 deadline can be requested through the EASy preauthorization system.

Students will be permitted to late add only if:

(1) The student clearly attempted to add the course by the deadline but technical problems with TritonLink prevented the proper processing of the request. Please be sure to get a screen shot of the page as technical problems can be hard to prove.

(2) Serious personal circumstances (e.g. hospitalization) prevented the student from adding on TritonLink or in person prior to the deadline.

Official documentation is required for all petitions to late add a course. This must be independent of the student (a written statement by the student or a familiar will not be accepted), and must list the date(s) the student was away from campus or otherwise unavailable. Medical documentation will only be accepted from an authoritative source (e.g. the student’s attending physician) with direct knowledge of how the medical condition impacted the student’s capacity to follow campus procedures. The documentation must clearly show how the medical condition impacted the student’s capacity to follow campus procedures. In the case of a technical problem, a statement from Student Portal Services confirming technical inability to add is needed (Music Student Affairs staff can assist with this), or screen snapshot of technical error in adding before the deadline.

If you have registration questions that are not answered by the information on these pages, contact the Registrar's Office during normal business hours.