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Bandcamp to Waive their Share of Revenue the First Friday of Every Month from May - July in Support of Artists

In an effort to support artists and labels impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bandcamp waived their cut of sales for an entire day on Friday, March 20th. The initiative was very successful and pulled in $4.3 million on music and merch in just 24 hours that all went to the platform's musicians. Bandcamp recently revealed that they will once again be waiving their share of revenue on Friday, May 1, Friday, June 5, and Friday, July 3! Click here to learn more about the fundraiser.

See below for a list of Bandcamp accounts and listings of UC San Diego Department of Music students, faculty and alumni and support our musicians! 

Bandcamp Accounts:

 Rachel Beetz
 David Borgo
 Erik Carlson - Music for Violin
 Madison Greenstone
 Nathaniel Haering - Cimmerian Isolation
 Lei Liang - Brush-Stroke (mode210)
 Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
 Andrew Munsey - High Tide
 Kyle Motl
 Kyle Motl & Keir GoGwilt (Treesearch) - Know More Knowledge

 Kyle Motl, T.J. Borden, & Patrick Shiroishi - in this failing light
 Roger Reynolds - Whispers Out of Time (works for orchestra)
 Stephanie Richards - Take The Neon Lights
 Jonny Stallings, Steven Stallings & Natalie Stallings - Pigimichi pt. 1: Santa Rosa
 Jasper Wald Sussman
 Alex Taylor - The First, the Fool
 Wilfrido Terrazas
 Anthony Vine - Remnants (Bazetta, 2017)
 NZTrio - Lightbox, featuring a work by Alex Taylor, burlesques mecaniques for piano trio
 Sarah Watkins and Andrew Beer - 11 Frames, featuring a track by Alex Taylor, Three Endings


If you are affiliated with the UC San Diego Department of Music and would like your Bandcamp to be added to the list, please email Sherry An, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator, at